Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Furnace Rebates about to Expire

I recently heard that this is the last year (2010) to receive tax incentives and rebates for recycling your old furnace and for purchasing a new energy efficient, specifically Energy Star rated, appliance.  Knowing when we purchased our home 2 years ago that we would be needing a replacement furnace sooner that later, my husband and I realized the day had come to dig down deep into our pockets to make the large purchase.  After learning that we have so little time left to take advantage of the savings with all of the rebates and tax incentives, we've decided not to wait any longer.  Despite the cost, I couldn't be more excited!

The current furnace and water heater in our home has been operating since the house was built, approximately 50 years ago.  When appliance technicians have been to the house to fix issues that have occurred with the furnace, they would remark at how old it is.  It is old, and very large.  In fact, it is so large it looks like a bonfire is burning underneath it!  And when the furnace kicks in, it is so loud it scares me at times.  Those same technicians also remarked that the furnaces they made 50 years ago were made to outlive us...meaning, we shouldn't need to worry about replacing it unless we want to save energy and money on the gas it takes to operate it.

And that is why we've decided to go ahead and replace it.  After speaking with the company that is going to be replacing our furnace and water heater with energy star appliances, I could not believe the savings we are going to get for federal and state rebates along with the "cash for appliances" program we have in our state.  After everything, we will pay less than $2000 and also see a drop in our monthly gas bill during the cold winter months.  This is at least $3000 less than my husband and I ever dreamed.  So, to any of you wanting to learn more about the programs available (mainly in Utah), I've included a list of links.  If you are not a Utah resident, you may have to dig a little deeper to see what's available in your neck of the woods.  Contact your local energy and gas companies for programs as well as recycling companies. 

Here are the links below:
I just love that I can recycle these old appliances and get paid for them!  I also love saving money of course:)

~Super Saver Mommy Bridget

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