Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Natracare News

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Natracare Gives Back

Susie and Theresa take on the mountains!.jpgFor five days in September 2010, Susie Hewson, Chief Executive at Natracare and her sister Theresa White, (picture) embarked on their second Natracare Sisters in partnership for change event by taking part in the Women for Women Cycle China challenge. They did so to help the charity raise at least $320,000 to improve the health of women and babies by training women scientists and clinicians.
In 2009, the sisters took up the challenge of cycling 350km through the Jordanian desert in the Middle East. Three groups of 80 to 90 women also participated and together raised almost $1,000,000.   This year they cycled 450km over 5 days through the Beijing privince of China, experiencing the beauty of the regions countryside, mountains and  even cycling alongside the Great Wall.  Natracare contributed all of the costs involved for their participation in this challenge, so everything donated went directly to the IMG00062charity. 
The creation and development of the Natracare products reflected the ethical and environmental principles of Susie Hewson and as such it was clearly evident to her that the best and most honest way to ensure that these principles would always be upheld was to maintain development and management of the Natracare brand within the structure of a family business, which is Bodywise (UK) Ltd, a company wholly owned by Susie Hewson and her husband. Susie Hewson obtained the Women in Ethical Business award in 2008 and in 2009, achieved an Ethical Accreditation, being congratulated on achieving an outstanding Ethical Accreditation Index score of 88, placing Natracare at the top of the table for the Sanitary Protection sector. Women for Women aims to support a first class environment for training basic and clinical scientists who will pioneer medical research in these fields and lead in other key centres around the UK and overseas in the new millennium.  Donations are still possible. Please visit our website www.natracare.com for more details.

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