Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Times Recycling

With all of our house remodeling and new purchases for baby James #2, our house has seen quite a bit of extra cardboard boxes laying around the house (which I hate to see...not the extra boxes per say but I hate to see all the garbage our home is intaking!)

SO, my husband had a grand idea the other night.  Although we plan to recycle every last piece of cardboard...we might as well make some other use out of it!  And so my husband had a plan and went with it.

And boy did we have a happy little man for a day...or actually a few days until the fort was completely destroyed.
I was going to let Park paint the walls one afternoon but before I knew it, he had turned the fort on its side and made a slide out of it.  And then there was another day of fun to be had...

It's amazing what you can do to entertain your child.  And not only was it fun for Park to have something new to enjoy, it was good family time constructing it and laughing our butts off at his thrills!

Happy smiles all around,
~Mommy Bridget

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