Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping Strong Against the Fast and the Furious 2 Year Old

Over the weekend, here in the mountainous west, we were dumped on with lots and lots of nature's cold wet stuff.  We new it was coming, and had been planning it at our house for some time.  Not only did we prepare the yard, the house with a properly working furnace and get organized to hunker down for the winter months, but we also picked up winter clothing appropriate for a 2 year old to run and play in for the winter.  I knew the moment Park played in the snow with his big snow boots and snow suit, he would be happy as can be.  However, since my son is NOT big on change, I've been dreading getting him to wear his snow gear for the first time.

So in the weeks leading up to the snow, I talked to him about his clothes, what they were for and how they are like Mommy and Daddy's snow boots and jackets.  When the snow began to fall, Park was ready at the door with his regular shoes on begging and begging to go out and play.  So yesterday, we introduced him to his snow gear.

Not surprisingly, it didn't go over very well...

After 5 minutes of trying to get his boots on without Park removing them, squirming and screaming...we got them on and fastened.  Next, we tried in every attempt to calm him and explain to him why he was wearing them.  I have to say, I haven't heard my son cry that hard since a horrible visit to an Instacare clinic down the street where I was forced to hold him down while the doctor examined a very painful appendage.  I kept wondering if the boots could be hurting him.  But, there was no way.  They were plenty big and slipped on without a problem.  It was just our son, the fast and the furious child with more will power than most people I know.

Then, I sat there dumbfounded.  What do I do now?  I hate to see him so upset.  When he cries, I want to cry.  BUT, he will never understand the necessity of snow boots unless he tries them out.  So, we let him have his screams.  We held him until he calmed down.  Then, distracted him with a snack and a car ride to the store.  Once we got out of the car, he was so distracted by the store itself, he kind of forgot about why he was so mad in the first place.  As we left the store, he jumped in a big snow pile and that is when, I assume, he realized what his big bulky boots were made for!

As soon as we got home, he begged for us to put on his snow overalls, jacket, hat and mittens on and didn't hesitate one more second to run outside to play.  And so he played...for 2 hours.  And loved it.  And came inside, with his rosy cheeks and runny nose and begged for something to eat to fuel his little 2 year old body.  And then he slept...and I was a satisfied mom.

I couldn't help but think to myself that I really learned something new about my son that day...despite the fact I thought I knew everything.  Although I have always known how strong willed he is and really likes things to be predictable...he is easily swayed by other positive distractions.  Once his strong mind, or shall I say yesterday's "furious" mind, was calmed and focused on something bigger and better than what was once so horrible at hand, he was better able to make sense of the situation.  And most of all, I learned that no matter how much my 2 year old protests something as simple as wearing new shoes, I am his mother and I shouldn't give in to what I know is right for him.  As horrible as it was for 5 minutes, it was well worth the fight.  He was so happy in the snow and by 7 am this morning, already grabbing his boots to go outdoors!

Happy motherhood my friends,

Mommy Bridget

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