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Udi's VIP Gluten Free Kit Review

Udi's Gluten Free VIP Kit Review
As many of you know, my son has a gluten/dairy free diet.  Earlier this year, my son tested positive for food intolerance to these strong proteins so we made the switch.  Because of this change in my son's diet, his erratic behavior eased and we began to see positive changes in our little boy.  He became more attentive, less aggressive and more willing to learn language.  I give ALL credit to this major change in his diet and will forever be a strong advocate for the relation between diet, behavior, health and well being.

After months of adjusting to the new diet around the house and after a few blog posts about Park's food intolerances and the changes in his behavior, I thought to myself what a great idea to approach Udi's about doing a review of their really really wonderful products.  And to my luck, they were happy to do so.

A few weeks ago I was delighted to find a box that came just a quick hop-skip-and a jump over the Rockies from Denver full of a few of their popular items, baked fresh just a day or two before.  Since Udi's is our bread of choice, we found no reason to wait our review.  The "Udi's VIP Gluten Free Kit" contained:
  • 9" Pizza Crusts pack of 2
  • Double Chocolate Muffins pack of 4
  • Cinnamon Raisin Bagel loaf
  • Loaf of Millet-Chia bread
  • Blogger multi-use box
First, I must say that Udi's does a really, REALLY great job making tasty breads and muffins for those adjusting from a gluten and dairy-filled diet to a gluten/dairy-free diet.  For those of you who have made the switch you can attest that the trial and error and trial and triumph period of gluten/dairy-free products is trying and costly.  However, we were lucky enough to have been recommended Udi's breads right away.  So I highly recommend Udi's to anyone in the market for such items.

I enjoyed the taste of their pizza crusts.  I didn't know these were offered anywhere locally so this was the first time eating them.  I have tried brands in the past...and unsuccessfully.  But these are great.  We made personal pizzas for Park and I the very first night we received the kit for review and other than my overdoing it with our dairy free cheese, it was a hit and I would definitely purchase these in the future.  I was also happy to have recently found Udi's pizza crusts at a Whole Foods store not far away.  A pack of 2 costs $5.
Can I say one more please?!!  These are SO yummy, so decadent and so brilliantly made that one would never know the difference nor care that they contain no milk products.  A package of 4 muffins sells for $6-7, depending on where you purchase them.  The muffins are very large in size so well worth the cost.  We cut them in half for a serving size because they are so large.  My recommendation:  Drizzle dairy-free cream cheese frosting over them and enjoy!  Park call the muffins "cake".  I think he thinks it's his birthday each time he gets to eat one!

Udi's Cinnamon Raisen Bagel Loaf
This product, although highly recommended to me by a handful of people I know, is not one of my favorites nor my son's.  We have purchased them many times but we feel they tend to be a bit on the dry side.  Even with Park's Tofutti cream cheese on them he still doesn't want to eat them.  I wonder if I purchased them more fresh if they would come out more moist?  I was hoping they would be tastier since I got them in the mail so quickly after being baked but they seemed to taste the same.  A bagel loaf costs about $6.  

Udi's Millet-Chia Bread Loaf
I'm a HUGE fan of the Millet-Chia bread.  Not only does it not disappoint, my son and I both love it and it's packed full of healthy ingredients.  Each slice contains oats, Salba, rice bran, fiber and pea protein along with other great ingredients.  And each serving boasts 6 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein!  I was worried about where my son would get his fiber from when we quit using our other high fiber bread product but not any longer now that we've found Udi's Millet-Chia bread.  A loaf of Udi's bread usually costs between $5-6.

I want to thank Udi's for the really great opportunity for my son and I to review some of their tasty gluten/dairy free products.  Udi's also carries more products for those with similar diets as us and I look forward to trying them someday soon.  Thank you to Udi's for creating products for those of us with food sensitivities and consequently making what we eat safer for our health and well being.
Buy it:
You can purchase Udi's products here online or at any one of their participating store locations. You can often times find $1 off coupons and other great savings by joining their email list here.

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