Sunday, June 19, 2011

3 Months and 3 Years...Oh My!

It seems like forever since I've written a personal post.  Well, it has been forever for me.  I've been wanting to for some time now but, as many of you know, having new babies around doesn't leave much free time.  We had a major milestone a few weeks ago.  Park turned three and the next day Jude turned 3 months.  Wow how time flies when you are having fun...:)

It's Father's Day today.  Happy father's day to all the wonderful men out there that support our families, that encourage us all to be ourselves and to those that keep our little ones smiling.  We thank you for all that you do!

So much has happened since baby Jude was born.  Many milestones to talk about so I will keep it quick:

Park, oh my little turning into such a big boy.  He is still in love with his baby brother and has yet to get jealous of the lack of attention he receives because he is now not the only child.  He still loves his trucks and trains like most little boys, and gets really creative while playing with them.  He has a garbage truck that he loves to put "garbage" (usually coins or paper clips) into to watch it go in and out.  Now that the weather is beautiful he tends to live outdoors, playing in his sand box, watering everything in sight and riding his trikes.  He continues to talk more and more everyday (although we had a lull or a baby back step for a few weeks which was frustrating).  It's fun to see his personality emerge through his language.  He can count to 19 now and loves picking out letters in words that he knows.  And lastly, we are slowly working on his big boy potty training.  As long as we keep his bottom unclothed he uses the toilet.  But we find that removing his clothes before he goes is still a challenge for him so we aren't pushing it (as much as I am tempted to).  Park is also to the age where he enjoys picking out his own clothes to wear.  So far, he has 2 favorite shirts.  They are both turquoise colored (I once read that the color turquoise to many Pueblo peoples signify positivity in many aspects of daily life).  And in the past few days, his favorite shoes are actually galoshes.  I always said I would be the kind of mom that let her children pick out their own clothes to if you see us out and about and my sons are wearing snow boots in the summer or non-matching outfits it's because of this.

Jude is growing like a beanstalk...or should I say like a zucchini plant or a weed since I have no idea which grows faster?  Park was a really big baby but I don't remember him being as long as Jude is at this age.  He wears a 9 month size in Carters and a 6-12 in Gap sizing.  I keep finding myself putting on new clothes for him and then he not getting to wear them more than once or twice.  But really, what should I expect?  My husband's and my average height is 6'2".  Jude is talking ALL the time which I absolutely love.  I've always said Jude is my little angel, not only because he was born under such peaceful circumstances but because he is just a little joy to have around.  He smiles and laughs all the time.  He rarely fusses and if he does it's for 2 seconds until he gets what he needs.  He has rarely kept me up at night so I'm a very well rested Mom for having a 3 month old.  And his little cry is so soft and quiet, it almost breaks and melts your heart all at the same time.  Like I said, an angel:)

It's interesting, now that I have 2 boys, how different my boys were from one another as infants.  I keep saying that either Park was a really hard baby or Jude is just really easy.  But the differences are remarkable.  Park never cried as a baby either but that was because I always gave him what he needed (that being holding him and nursing him at all times).  I believe strongly in attachment parenting so my philosophy was if that was what Park needed at the time then I would give it to him so he would grow to be an independent and loving child.  Which I believe he is.  He is always laughing.  He rarely throws tantrums but instead asks politely for what he wants.  And when he doesn't get what he wants, the fit of frustration literally lasts 2 seconds.  He loves his little friends and his little cousins.  He is trusting to those that we trust and is very happy to have time away from us when his Grandmas or cousins or even my close friends are with him.  The other day I dropped him off at my brother's house for the first time and he happily jumped out of the car and kissed me good bye.  It was so sweet!  But back to the boys' differences from one another:)  Their personalities as babies are just really really different.  And I love it.  I look forward to watching them continue to grow and develop their individuality. 

That is all for now. Our summer has kicked off and we are enjoying every day of sun (and even rain like we are getting today). My vegetable garden is looking good and we are already enjoying fresh, organic strawberries.  I'm really excited to visit with my family this summer (as most of them live so far away) and to experience our children playing together.  I love and miss my family more than ever and as I get older I realize how important it is to have family close by.  We are all fortunate enough that we can make time for one another and travel to visit, even if it is only once a year.

Oh, and one more thing.  We had an unexpected surprise the other day.  A friend called to let me know there was a fashion photo of me at our local mall.  Since it's been over a year since I've worked, I had no idea what shot it was.  So my family went down to check it out, and what a fun surprise it was for all of us!  Park was REALLY excited to see how large I was:) 

I'm sure you've noticed that I'm not as busy posting on my blog, writing reviews and hosting giveaways like I have in the past.  And I apologize.  But really, the last thing I want and SHOULD be doing with my free time is sitting on the computer.  My children are only children once.  I could never ignore their wants and needs while I sit in front of the screen.  And so I must say to you that until both my boys nap, on their own, at the same time, I won't be on here as much.  But I promise you I'm not going anywhere!  I do have some great reviews and giveaways coming up so stay tuned.  And I hope you are all having a beautiful summer thus far.

Yours truly,

Mommy Bridget

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