Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To cry it out or to not cry it out?

I think it is safe to son is finally sleeping through the night. All it took was a few nights just the two of us, ear plugs, and very very strong will power (between the both of us).

I can't say enough how pleased I am! My son has been more than ready for sometime...he just needed a little nudge. I know "crying it out" is controversial among parents. He didn't cry so much as he yelled. But only the first night. The following nights he awoke once and made some noise for a few minutes but would go back to sleep. Now we are on 3 nights of no peeps...and its glorious!

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  1. This is hard to comment on because to each her own really. I'm only going to comment because you asked! I'm not for crying it out. I tried for a few nights when I was first preg and super tired and Gretta was still getting up once a night. I went back on my decision because I knew she needed to check in as she did during the day. I don't think I should act different at night and for me nursing is so short and so special that I was willing to continue getting up with her. Not sure if it's a nursing issue for you but if you are useless during the day, and not just angry at night because of it, then you need to do what you need really. Really does anyone sleep through the night. Toddlers and teens don't necessarily and I don't...well I do have a newborn. You are right though it is glorious to sleep but it's also glorious to nurse that little person. That's my opinion only. :)