Monday, August 17, 2009

Teething Troubles

My son began teething (or at least showing his teeth) by the age of 6 months. It seemed that his first 8 teeth came in one after another and without much of a fuss. He has 4 molars now too and I can honestly say that those came in pretty easy too. I think we gave him Motrin here and there for the discomfort but it really was a breeze.

However, the other night Park seemed fussier than normal. I laid him down on his changing table to look in his mouth because he kept chewing on his finger and noticed an area becoming red as if he was about to sprout another tooth. When I touched it, he let out a loud growling noise that concerned and shocked both me and my husband. So I proceeded to give him Motrin but he was crying in such a fury that he needed some relief asap. I pulled out these teething tablets that I was recommended by my sister-in-law months ago and never needed to use. They are called Hyland's Teething Tablets. They worked IMMEDIATELY. My son loved them and couldn't get enough of them...I recommend them to any Mommas who have yet to find something that works. I found them at SuperTarget.

Now if he even sees the bottle he points to them and whines as if he wants more. I tried them and they don't taste like much of anything...which almost makes me wonder what the "secret" ingredient could be???

Mommy Bridget

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