Monday, August 10, 2009

Gasoline Prices Surge

As we notice the once again low gas prices begin to creep back up to their former prices, we can't help but do we deal with soaring gas prices?

Stay out of your vehicle unless you absolutely need to drive! It's very simple and a healthy approach to positive changes for you, your family, and your environment.

Since we purchased our new house 9 months ago and have sunk all of our savings into the remodel, we have had to make cost saving of those being driving less. So I made the decision to run my errands (groceries, bank, dry cleaners, etc.) one day a week. I drive a Jeep and although it gets great gas mileage for being an SUV, it still costs a lot not to mention it's still a vehicle and vehicles are terrible for our air quality.

Now, if I could just get my play dates to be closer so I wouldn't have to drive to those...

Mommy Bridget

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