Monday, April 18, 2011

Utah Mom Speaks for Clean Air Rights

As you may know, a great group of individuals in Utah have been working diligently to stop the threat of an increase of harmful emissions into our air.  Rio Tinto, a large corporation from London, is attempting to expand their copper mine operations in the Salt Lake Valley therefore increasing their environmental footprint.  Not only does this threaten water quality but it will also lead to the release of even more toxins emitted into our already stressed and harmful air.

Last Thursday, environmental groups stood up at a press conference and spoke out against Rio Tinto's operations in Utah.  Below is Ashley Sanders, a representative from Utah Moms for Clean Air speaking:

To view other representative's arguments, click on the links below:

Lynn de Freitas/Friends of Great Salt Lake:

Terry Marasco/Utah Clean Air Alliance:

Ivan Webber/Ex-Kennecott Contract Employee:

Marion Klaus/Sierra Club:

Michael Milke/Post Carbon Salt Lake

Please support us in our effort to protect our children by watching these links and spread the word!!!

~Mommy Bridget

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