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NEW BABY EVENT: Bathing in Grace's Baby and Me Bath Towel Review and Giveaway- ends 4/19

Bathing in Grace's Baby and Me Bath Towel Set Review and Giveaway-ends 4/19
The next product for the New Baby event I can't wait to tell you about is Bathing in Grace's Baby and Me Towel set.  This first time bath towel is perfectly designed for you and your baby and was recently given the coveted Seal of Approval from Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Media Inc.  After given the opportunity to use this as our towel set for our infant, I cannot imagine using anything else during our bath time!

Created for ease in bathing your infant, Baby and Me Bath Towel set was designed with the best of fabric and design.  The towel is made with 100% organic bamboo terry cloth to ensure the best of comfort for your little one's sensitive skin.  Naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, this towel set creates less worry ensuring your child is more protected.  And the design is AMAZING!  One couldn't ask for a better way to make the transition from warm bath to towel less stressful.  The towel set contains a towel that fits and conforms to your baby's size.  It also has a hood to ensure your child is kept warm.  The next piece to the set is an apron style towel that the one bathing the child wears.  The way it works is you lift your infant out of the tub and can put the baby directly to your chest, where the baby feels the most secure.  Then the baby can be covered with his/her own towel.  Or in another order, you could first cover the baby with his/her own towel then bring the baby to your chest.  There is a button on the towel I wear that fastens to the baby's towel to create a sweet little sling.  I find this perfect to breast feed following bath time which is my son's favorite thing to do!  (See the picture of the mannequin here to view how this works).  And lastly, the set comes with a super soft hand wash towel to use for washing every little delicate part of your wee one.  I also use this to cover any part of my baby's skin that may be exposed to air to ensure he is pleasantly warm in his bath.  It's quite simple yet brilliant!  The child is kept warm throughout the process and feels secure during the transition which can sometimes be overwhelming.

View Bathing in Grace's demo on how to fasten the towels here.  This is VERY important in learning how to secure one another in the towels.

Product Details:
*Certified 100% Organic Bamboo Terry Cloth
*Certified 100% Organic Ribbed Cotton

- Bamboo wicking ability is 35% more than cotton
  (water absorbency)

- Bamboo is naturally antibacterial & antimicrobial
  (preventing skin irritations, allergies and odor)

- Bamboo has natural insulating properties
  (keeps baby cooler when hot & warmer
   when cold)

- Bamboo is naturally antistatic
  (no static cling on baby's delicate skin)

Care Instructions:
Launder in warm water with like colors. Gentle cycle. No bleach. No fabric softener. Tumble dry low.

My son loves his bath time experience, and I know the Baby and Me Towel set plays a big part in this experience for him.  I have to admit, I was a little frightened and hesitant to bathe my little one at home.  I hate to hear my child cry because he is cold or scared or unhappy for any reason.  I never had much luck with past experiences bathing my first child.  But Bathing in Grace definitely made this a pleasant task this time around and for everyone involved.  My infant now loves his bath time.  And I can rest assured knowing that every product I am using for this undertaking is the best!

Buy it:
You can purchase Bathing in Grace's Baby and Me Towel set online here or at any one of their store locations.

Win it:
Bathing in Grace is graciously giving away one of their Baby and Me towel sets (a $56 value) to one lucky winner for The Curious Case of Mommyhood's New Baby event!!!

To enter:
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Good luck to you all,

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The Baby and Me Bath Towel set was provided to me by Bathing in Grace for review.  (Please see my Disclosure under my "Reviews" page for more information.)


  1. I follow your blog! When my daughter was a little new born I'd put the towel in the dryer for a min before I'd take her out of the bath (of course only if I had someone else with me so that I could walk away).
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  5. I subscribe & a trick I used is only uncovering the part of the body that Im putting lotion on, dressing, etc. instead of uncovering the infant completely. Id also put a hat on my daughter as soon as she got out of the tub to try to keep her warmer.

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  7. I learned that Lynette Moore is the inventor and owner of Bathing in Grace and that "Grace" is her daughter.

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  10. In the youtube demo, she shows how the towel ties at the neck and how you can easily slip it off to dry baby with.

  11. I subscribe to your blog. I'm working on baby #1 right now, so I don't have a ton of tips. From bathing my nephew, I know that faster is better and it's good to be extra prepared and have everything close at hand.
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