Monday, April 11, 2011

NEW BABY EVENT: Naturepedic Review

Naturepedic Mattress Pad Review
The next review for my New Baby Event is from Naturepedic.  Naturepedic is the "first and only" mattress company to specialize exclusively in children's mattresses and accessories made with all natural and organic materials.  Their products are non-toxic to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your children.  And with their mission to improve the lives of our children, what better company than Naturepedic to learn more about?  Naturepedic designs and manufactures mattresses in many sizes including crib, bassinet, twin and queen.  They also make mattress pads, "toppers" or covers, changing pads, sheets and pillows.

When preparing for a new baby, an important must have is a great mattress pad for your crib.  Naturepedic designed an fitted, waterproof crib mattress pad that not only creates a waterproof barrier between your baby's bedding and mattress but is designed for maximum safety and comfort for your child.  Their waterproof pad also makes for easier clean up after messes, since washing the mattress itself is unnecessary after an accident.  And best of all, it's made from all natural, organic cotton.

We had the wonderful opportunity to review Naturepedic's Mattress Pad with our new baby for the New Baby Event. With the expense involved with a new crib mattress for a baby, it's important to make sure your baby is sleeping comfortably while safely protecting the mattress.  Since we began using the new mattress for our little one, we've already had a handful of accidents and I can't tell you how happy I am that we have Naturepedic's organic cotton, fitted and waterproof crib pad protecting the mattress for future use. 
  • 2 layers of organic cotton flannel
  • highly absorptive and extra soft
  • ultra thin waterproof membrane in center-features DrySleep technology which effectively blocks liquids from passing through the fabric while still allowing the fabric to "breathe" (all materials non-toxic)
  • no vinyl/PVC
  • no Pthalates
  • no latex (allergy concerned)
  • GreenGuard certified
  • available in many sizes
Buy it:
You can purchase Naturepedic's fitted, waterproof crib pad or any of their other products here or at a store located near you.
I want to thank Naturepedic for the wonderful opportunity to review their environmentally responsible and perfectly designed product for my new baby and his mattress.  Naturepedic proudly designed a safe and effective product that our children will get much use from. 

Bridget James

Naturepedic's organic cotton, waterproof, fitted crib pad was supplied to me by Naturepedic for review.  All opinions of this product are purely my own.  (please see my full Disclosure under my "Reviews" page for more information)


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