Monday, December 28, 2009

Sugar Sweeteners

There is so much speculation in sugar substitutes so I thought I would delve in to the topic and do a little research of my own.  Here is what I found:

  • switching from white sugar to brown sugar adds iron to your diet (based on the addition of molasses)
  • sucralose, which is derived from common table sugar, has zero calories BUT has many speculating it's toxicity and safety for consumption
  • xylitol is a natural sugar derived from fruit and vegetables and has 40% less calories than regular sugar...also MAY prevent tooth decay, most information I found shows little side effects 
  • saccharin...I would say don't use...too toxic
  • aspartame is bad, very bad
  • stevia I would say is safer than the FDA's been around for thousands of years and is a better alternative to regular sugar
So in conclusion, I would say that sugar substitutes are not all bad but maybe eating less sugar is the best alternative:) 

Mommy Bridget

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