Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowy Sniffles

I found a great web site that references power foods and their ORAC values.  Since traveling over the weekend, my son and I both have a bit of a cold virus and since what we eat plays a vital role in where this virus will go, I thought it relevant to search the foods that will aid in fighting it.

Did you know that eating sugar and grains can fuel viruses and plays more havoc on your immune system?  I didn't and just found it out in one of Dr. Mercola's articles (of course).  So I guess all the lollipops I bribed my son with on the plane probably wasn't the best choice:)


Have a wonderful (snowy if in Utah) day!  It's dumping powdery snow here and it's beautiful!  Perfect day for holiday decorating!!!

Mommy Bridget

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