Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surprising recyclable

As my husband and I spoke about running shoes this morning while I pulled out pair after pair of the no longer good enough to use shoes, I couldn't help but feel embarrassed about all the extra shoe clutter I had formed.  But those darn shoes were so expensive that I hate to throw them in the trash.  But then, ironically, I came across an article this morning on about "recycling oddities" and to my surprise...guess what one of the oddities was.  Shoes!  So I took this as a sign and thought I would share. 

Given their hefty price tag, you can bet that I run my running shoes into the ground before retiring them. But even worn out shoes can be recycled into building materials, or, if they still have some life in them, donated to the less fortunate. Check out the Website for shoe recycling facilities and organizations near you.

If your old shoes are still in good shape, you can always donate them to those in need.

Mommy Bridget

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