Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sugar bad

Yesterday, I decided it would be fun to take Park to the zoo. We got there right away when it first opened, and being one of the first patrons...had the zoo to ourselves. Park finally got to see the primates without strollers and big kids in his view. He got to see the new baby elephant and the penguins. We had a blast!

As I passed the food stand as I always do, I thought it would be a "good" idea to get some cotton candy and a soda pop (for me) and let Park experience the zoo even more. What in the world was I thinking??!!

After 5 small bites of the yummy delicious cotton candy, my son began bouncing off the walls. No really, it was crazy. At one point he tripped on his own shoe and with his hands on the ground, his feet and legs bounced up. I laughed at the sight when it happened but it didn't occur to me the sugar had the affect of adrenaline on my baby junky.

We later took a visit to meet a new baby in my friend's life. Park got into everything while we were there from the tv to the remotes to the candles to the dog toys (which I enticed) and when I continued to pull him away from said objects, he grew more and more frustrated. Finally, the slapping of my face began. And still...the connection between the sugar I so thought would be a good idea to give him and his behavior didn't pop in my mind. THEN, after getting home and not being able to get Park to eat or take a nap like usual got me to thinking...duh!!! You idiot Mom!

And no more sugar for this guy.

I firmly believe diet plays a vital role in behavior. I have seen bad diets and bad behavior in other children and told myself I wouldn't ever feed my child crap. I mean come on...sugar and ADD or sugar and ADHD. Seriously, duh.

Learn from my mistakes.

Mommy Bridget

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