Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flouride or no flouride? That is the question of the day...

I came across an article by Dr. Mercola the other day speaking about the dangers of flouride and dental health. This is a controversy that I wish I knew the answer to. I have been unfortunate in my life to have multiple dental issues so my dentist pushes the flouride which I so routinely use. But is flouride really helping my dental health or could it cause more serious issues down the road?

As my son began popping his teeth one after the other, I couldn't help but worry that he..god forbid...would inherit my dental genes. I began brushing those little guys every night and now at 16 months, twice per day. And since I have always religiously taken good care of my teeth and still continue to have problems, does this mean Park's teeth are still doomed to destruct? When do I begin a flouride paste? DO I give him flouride at all?

Mommy Bridget

p.s. 2 peaceful nights sleep with an adamant routine makes for a happy baby and happy MOM!!!

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