Thursday, July 9, 2009

To Shop...or Not to Shop

After realizing I paid too many bills without noticing the liquidated balance in our account, I have come to the question of whether to shop? or not to shop? Will we be needing groceries before our next payday? Yes. Do we have the extra money for the necessary items (and wine)? Not so much. So what do I do? Well we cannot go without our staples...diapers and wipers...oh and some food. So yes, I must shop today.

First, I sort through my saved coupons from the Sunday Tribune and from Diaper coupon, check. Wipers coupons, check. Target grocery coupons, check.

Second, where do I go? Duh, Target. I have been telling my friends time and time again that it is significantly cheaper at Target than anywhere else to pick up groceries. (with the exception of Costco in which I don't know because I don't belong to this supergiant supergrocery store's membership group. I would like to try it. However, with my family being so small I don't find it necessary to buy in bulk. We don't eat food fast enough nor do we have the room to store it all.

And last, I must go through the food we already have and get creative. What do we have for meals and what are we missing? Hmmmmm, I could make pasta one night and that's cheap. Turkey burgers with corn but I need more buns. Fish tacos yet again and only need to purchase seasoning. (Sorry honey but yes, I did say fish tacos AGAIN. They are cheap to make and "healthy" for us to eat;) Ok so I may not be the greatest cook but I am trying to make what's cheap and easy. Try being a creative cook with a 13 mo. old pulling out the tupperware from the tupperware drawer and putting those directly into the trash along with his magnet toys from the refridgerator and food from the pantry and his dirty clothes from his hamper and DVD's from the's so much fun digging from the trash! Honey, I promise to make more extravagent meals in the future.

Okay, babe is awake from his morning nap. I am armed with my coupons and my grocery list. We are off to shop!

Mommy Bridget


  1. I would love your fish taco recipe. My kids seem to like fish (well certain kinds)

  2. Here is how I make fish tacos:

    I use frozen, breaded fish that only needs to be baked. Go to Whole Foods and pick up a packet of the Simply Organic Fish Taco seasoning ( and follow the directions on the back. I make my tacos with the fish marinated in the seasoning, then add shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and a little fresh lime.

    Yummy and super easy to make!