Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"No Spill" cups, suction bowls, and more...

I spend a good amount of my time everyday chasing my son around with his "no-spill" cup full of water...mopping up the mess as he waves it around. Why do some unnamed baby product companies advertise "no spill" when in reality there is very little stopping the flow of liquids between my son's cup and everywhere in between?

This morning I decided to go on the hunt for a spill proof cup that actually holds up to their claim and alas...I found one! Gerber brand AND Thermos brand cups work perfectly.

Thank you baby product companies that make spill proof sippy cups that actually work.

You made my life a little easier today.

Mommy Bridget

p.s. and as a bonus, while hunting for spill proof cups I also discovered suction bowls so my son had his first experience eating macaroni and cheese from his very own bowl and couldn't dump it everywhere!!!

1 comment:

  1. Playtex makes great spill proof cups. Been using them since the day for Gretta!