Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obol: "The Original Crispy Bowl" Review

Obol: The Original Crispy Bowl Review

My family had the opportunity to review the Obol, the original crispy bowl.  Obol was created by a man named Michael (or a one "Mr. Obol") during an "aha" moment while returning to a depressing, soggy bowl of cereal.  The Obol is the result of 2 years of design and CAD engineering to produce the results Michael was searching for.  And his resulting end product was the perfect answer to years of frustration with regular bowls.

Not your ordinary bowl, the Obol's design offers a unique "swoop and scoop" option while eating not only cereal but also your favorite cookies and milk treat.  

Designed in the US with patent pending, the Obol is unbreakable like many other bowls so it's super safe for your young ones to use.  It's also BPA free and dishwasher safe (thankfully).  The Obol is a wonderful addition to your kitchen dishware and is also a great gift idea.  

My son loves using the Obol for his morning breakfast cereal.  Not only is it fun for little ones to use but it also keeps cereal from getting soggy too fast...a problem we often times run into with my son's breakfast cereal.  And it's also fun for me because I know that in giving my son his breakfast I don't need to worry that he will pass it up for he is so completely entertained in using an "adult's" bowl.  

Buy it:
To purchase the Obol ($18.95) for your home or as a gift, click here.

You can find Obol online here.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

I want to thank Obol for the opportunity to review their great product for all the cereal lovers out there.  I applaud your creativity in designing a bowl that keeps our mouths happy and our lives a little easier.

Bridget James

The Obol was provided to me for review by Obol.  All opinions on this product are purely my own (please see my full Disclosure on my "Reviews" page for more information).

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