Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Lamaze Book Line by Learning Curve Review and Giveaway- ends 5/20

Lamaze Book Line by Learning Curve 
Review and Giveaway- ends 5/20

We had the wonderful opportunity to review the Lamaze book line of learning books by Learning Curve in our household.  I was so excited about reviewing these books since my son is obsessed with books these days and being the creative little guy he is with limited speaking skills for his age, I knew he would appreciate what the Lamaze book line had to offer him.

We reviewed the Captain Calamaris Color Adventure gift set, the Little Big Top Circus Board Book, as well as two books from their soft book line: the Peek-a-Boo Forest and The Tale of Sir Prance-a-Lot.  


Even at a very young age, children can begin to understand the process of reading. Reading fosters imagination and the idea of possible worlds. Through identification with characters in a book, children learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperation. Reading also allows children to learn about their environment. As they begin to point out places and objects that are new, they learn the concepts of shape, color, and size. A child and caregiver bond in a warm and loving way through the experience of sharing a book.Lamaze Books are developed in conjunction with developmental experts. The back cover of each book includes play ideas, ways to use the book, the benefits of reading to your child, and developmental stages for that specific age.

Captain Calamaris Color Adventure Gift Set:

What a wonderful gift set this is and at a mere price of only $17.99!  Your child can read along while Captain Calamaris takes them on an adventure all  the while learning the colors of the rainbow.  And the Captain Calamaris doll utilizes the colors wheel to help your child learn colors that are tangible on the doll.  This gift set is a wonderful way for children to learn and understand through touch and sight.  

Little Big Top Circus Board Book:

The Lamaze board book line prices range from $6.99-$9.99.  I liked this book because it has a fun, creative way introducing opposites to a toddler through the awareness of objects they already understand.  My son thinks it's also funny and wants to read it daily.  I cannot blame him for that, what toddler could resist learning through circus pictures?  

Peek-a-Boo Forest and The Tale of Sir Prance-a-lot Soft Books:

The Lamaze Book Line by Learning Curve has wonderful books for babies from birth and up.  Prices of this book line range from $12.99-$14.99.  Their soft book line is a wonderful example of introductory books for your little ones.  The books are soft enough for 6 month old babies to hold and play with, even flip the pages.  The soft books have flip options built within the pages to make for a pleasant surprise for your wee ones and make the introduction to reading fun and exciting.

I want to thank Learning Curve for their great products we had the opportunity to review.  I commend their artistic design and their fun, approachable way to get kids learning through reading.

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The Lamaze book line was provided to me by Learning Curve for review.  All opinions on the products are purely my own.  (please see Disclosure under my Reviews page)


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