Thursday, July 29, 2010

CPR Guidelines for Infants, Children and Adults

Almost on a daily basis, I feel a little scared and guilty that I am not 100% sure on the proper CPR procedures for infants and children...or adults for that matter.  I try to run what I know through my head over and over again to make sure if ever in the circumstance, CPR would feel like second nature to me.  However, as the guidelines seem to change on a yearly basis, I decided it would be be important to post a good reference for all of you.

To view CPR for infants, children, and adults, go to or click here.
Baby Center online also has a great illustrated guideline for infant first aid for choking and CPR.  You can view that here.

I know that when Park was under the age of 1, there were a few times that he was choking on food where I quickly had to remember in my head the first step in CPR.  Putting him face down on my lap and a few back blows was as far as we ever got but who knows what would have happened if I hadn't done that!

In addition to the web sites above, there are many CPR and First Aid classes available.  You can contact your local fire dept. and ask for more information on upcoming classes which are usually free to the public.

~Curious Mommy

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