Monday, July 9, 2012

Peter Rabbit Organic's Five New Flavors Review

Peter Rabbit Organics Five New Flavors

Once again, we had the pleasure of reviewing Peter Rabbit Organic's delicious organic fruit and veggie puree snacks.  This time, it was my 1 year old son Jude who got to try the new flavors out but not without letting me take a taste for myself.  Jude LOVED them.  He ate them in very little time, convincing me they were tasty before trying them out myself. 
The 5 new flavors are:
  • pear and apple
  • banana and apple
  • pear and pea
  • pumpkin, carrot and apple
  • peach and apple
I was most excited to try out their vegetable and fruit puree snacks since not only do I want my 1 year old eating more vegetables in his diet but I love the way Peter Rabbit Organics blends the two, making a delicious and truly healthy snack.  My son Jude really loved every new flavor with the exception of the pumpkin, carrot and apple.  This was the first time I gave Jude a Peter Rabbit Organic's puree snack since it wasn't that long ago we introduced foods into his diet.  I didn't think he would know how to hold the pouch and how to extract the food but he figured it out in 2.2 seconds.  And he inhaled them! Now every time we go to Starbucks Jude pleads for a Peter Rabbit Organic's puree snack.

I thought the five new flavors by Peter Rabbit Organics were all quite delicious but like Jude felt the pumpkin flavor was less desireable.  However, if you like the taste of pumpkin I am sure you would love this flavor.  I do not like pumpkin...not even pumkin pie!  So it doesn't surprise me my child doesn't agree with it either.

Peter Rabbit Organic's fruit and vegetable puree snacks are available online at, and or in stores at Babies R Us, Albertson's, Starbucks, Publix, Whole Foods, Buy Buy Baby stores and REI.  Cost is relatively low ($1.79 per pouch which contains 4 to 4.4 oz) considering they are made with 100% certified organic ingredients!

Thank you to Peter Rabbit Organics for giving us the opportunity once again to do a fabulous and popular review.

Bridget James


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